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Mission:To inspire, encourage, equip, and promote a healthy relationship with those who are married using biblical principles.
Vision:Through the power of God’s Word, intercession, wisdom, and knowledge, we Declare war against separation and divorce.
He Said/ She Said
"In any case, each one of you should love his wife as himself, and the wife should respect her husband." Ephesians 5:33 (NAB)
Without focusing on the shortcomings of your spouse, how can you better fulfill your God-given role in marriage?
  1. Be honest and admit if things are undermining or destroying your marriage.
  2. Identify specific areas and deal with them in specific ways.
  3. Develop a biblical strategy of response, and invest time, energy, and prayer in dealing with the destructive forces in your marriage.
  4. Don't allow barriers to build up that can hinder your communication with one another. Most marital strife relates to lack of communication.
  5.  If you're a husband, learn how to speak your wife's language of love and emotional understanding. If you're a wife, learn how to speak your husband's language of respect.
  6. Focus on changing yourself (not by speaking badly about your spouse to other people), you will ultimately change your marriage.
 The Chain Breaker by: Dr. D.K. Olukoya
Marital Chains
This is one area where multitudes have come under wicked satanic chains. There are three major institutions that are mostly under the attack of satanic agents.
1. Family
2. Church
3. Nation
Marital Problems are legion. This generation has witnessed the highest increase rate in the area of divorce. This trend ought to be arrested. The problem is that in many families, anti-marital demons are acting the scripts written in the coven of darkness. The following symptoms are evidence of being bound by marital chains:
1. Collapsed marriages
2. Multiple divorce
3.Children with more than one mate
4. Inability to get married
5. Home where witch craft (manipulation) is the boss
6. Couples who follow the evil pattern of their ancestors.
7. Acute poverty in home
8. Childlessness
9. Wayward children in home
10. Instances of miscarriages and still birth
11. Premature or un-timely death
12. Mysterious argument and incessant fights.
When a couple lives as cat and rat, this and other problems shows that the devil has succeeded in making use of wicked marital chains.
Mark 5:3 -8
As you pray, pray that there shall be a spiritual earthquake which will bring the breaking of all forms of marital chains.
  •  Article Discussion:
When Your Spouse Won't Talk
(Relating to each other is not a technique we're born with. It's like a muscle that needs to be developed over time.) by: Romie Hurley
1. Read about the differences between men and women, especially as they relate to communication. These differences are a mystery to almost everyone except God, but they may help to explain why your spouse tends to be the silent type.
 2. Learn to not take things too personally.
3. Don't over analyze your partner. You may think you know what's behind your spouse's unwillingness to talk, but you can't read his or her mind.
4.Talk about your feelings in a non-accusatory, non-blaming way. To do otherwise will only drive a reluctant talker further away, especially when it comes to discussing emotions.
5.Ask your spouse what would make him feel less overwhelmed when it comes to communication.Would it help if you set aside a regular time for talking? If you waited until he decompressed after work?
6.Ask your spouse for a specific, short commitment of time.Most reluctant talkers can handle a conversation if they know it won't last forever. Let your mate set the limit. You may find that it increases as he or she grows more comfortable.
7. Learn each other's personality type, and how it shapes communication style. Make the process fun—a discovery of your uniqueness, not an opportunity to stereotype each other.
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